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Hello all,

It’s been some time since we’ve had time to update the blog so I thought I’d put in a few notes as to what we’ve been up-to!


Spring has been very late in arriving in Nova Scotia, and thus has delayed deliveries of packages coming in from Australia and Queens from California. In a was this is a good thing since I’ve been behind on getting the hives ready. The good news is that the past few days have been very nice (over 20C) and our bees have been able to get out and do some foraging. That means that we should be up and operational in the next few weeks. I should also have the opportunity to do some on the job training with my Master Beekeeper mentor over the next few weekends. I’ll let you all know how that goes, in the meantime I’ve compiled a list of all those who are interested in our honey. If you haven’t let me know yet, please do as it’s first come, first serve. Given the weather conditions I am not anticipating that we will have as much honey as I had hoped this year. But who knows, summer could be a very busy one for our bees!

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