Where are the bees?!


East Hants, June 1/15

As you can see spring/summer has finally arrived in Nova Scotia. The flowers and trees are blooming like crazy. Pollinators like Bees and Wasps are busy as ever. Even our 2 pastures now have over a foot of forage growing.

Our suppliers are now getting ready for the blueberry pollination season and completed most of their hive splits (for our nucs) last week. Despite the fast blooms, everything is running behind schedule. We has a few gorgeous and sunny days here that the bees took advantage of, however they were immediately followed by either cold or rainy days which keeps the bees from getting outside the hive and foraging. Our incoming nucleus hives still need to grow before we can receive them.  I have been assured that we will be taking delivery this weekend or the next which is fantastic news.

Thanks all of you for your patience, we are hoping to have enough honey to fill all your orders, but of course I will keep you in the loop on our progress.


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