Potential Good News for Canadian Bees


standingcommitteeA little bit of good news seems to have missed the major news outlets, but I thought I would share it with you all.

The Senate Agricultural Committee published (May 27) it’s recommendations on Honey Bee health. It’s entitled “The Importance of Bee Health to Sustainable Food Production in Canada“. The senate interviewed experts from all across Canada and even from the US and Australia to form its recommendations. Including representatives from our NSBA (Nova Scotia Beekeepers Association) and Dr. Ernesto Guzman from University of Guelph Honey Bee Research Center.


I’ll spare you the lengthy explanation but here are the recommendations presented to the Government of Canada.

  • Enabling bee packages importation from foreign jurisdictions such as the United States while keeping in mind the importance of improving the inspection of imported honey bee packages.
  • Monitoring bee health status, across the country, through the implementation of the bee health surveillance project on a continuous basis, rather than a four-year period.
  • Accelerating the implementation of the National Bee Farm-Level Biosecurity Standard in hives.
  • Reducing the current number of conditional registrations granted to neonic active ingredients.
  • Ensuring, through the Commissioner of the Environment and Sustainable Development audits, that the PMRA is working on enhancing its pesticide registration process.
  • Improving access to new pesticides which could be safely used in beehives.
  • The PMRA keeps monitoring bee mortality and concludes, without delay, its re-evaluation of the three neonic insecticides.
  • Increasing the amount and the duration of research funding targeting pollinator health.
  • Improving management practices of beekeepers and growers while minimizing the use of chemical products and ensuring the availability of untreated seeds.
  • Improving pollinator habitat in order to achieve floral diversity

I think these are great recommendations, lets hope the current and/or future governments step-up.


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