Harvest and Extraction


Our first season has been an exciting one for Ames Apiaries. All of the hives have done quite well, even with a few hiccups in the spring with a bout of chalkbrood and an emergency queen replacement. The season was also a strange one, with everything running late, and the blooms all out of sync. The frost melted late, so we missed much of the spring buildup and late summer seemed to have a rather large dearth in out part of Nova Scotia. Translation, we did not have as much honey as we had hoped for, but we did have enough to fill all the pre-orders! If you have placed an order and have not received a confirmation email from me, please contact me.

The good news, is that we have plans to expand next-year! More hives at the main Apiary in East Hants, and some new ones at a new Apiary in HRM thanks to a good friend.

P.S: There is still a small amount of Beeswax available for those of you that need some.



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