Expulsion of The Drones


No, this is not a horror movie, or maybe it is to the Drones.

With the coming of the frosty evenings comes the time when the dead weight of the hive has to go. For many of you know that a Bee hive is dominated by the females. There are 3 castes in a hive, the Queen, the Workers and the Drones. The Queen’s (female)  job  is the lay eggs, the Worker’s (female)  job is the build all the comb, honey, do the foraging and maintenance, and rear the young. The Drone’s (males), well…. all they do is mate. They are bigger than workers (which is what you usually see outside), they cannot sting and they basically just eat and use up resources. So, when winter is coming, it’s time to say goodbye. The workers kill or eject the drones in-order to preserve stores for the long winter.


Ejected Kona Drone

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