Beekeeping is for Girls


Like many other industries, Beekeeping is predominately practiced by males between the ages of 55-75. This is concerning for several reasons. Women being under-represented in an important sector, and an ageing population of experts.

Thankfully there are amazing new changes that are happening as awareness of the plight-of-bees increases. All sorts of people from all sorts of demographics are keeping bees! Here in Nova Scotia hobby beekeeping has surged 73% since 2012. Many of those new keeps are women and urban beekeepers. Each bringing new business practices and experience to the table. The future is looking brighter for bees!

Leading the challenge to the status quo are some amazing outliers. Foremost in my mind is a young woman named Hilary Kearney, who runs a Girl Next Door Honey in California. She’s a wonderful role model for new beekeepers and is dedicated to her craft. Just following her activities on Instagram, I am amazed at the number of bee removals she performs. This is not a job for the weak of heart.

Check out Hilary below [VIDEO]





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